Why choose a state licensed building inspector over a certified home inspector?

​In reaching the needs of Salt Lake and Surrounding Areas, we thought what could best contribute and benefit the Real Estate and Building Industry we found the following facts: 

  • ​​Home inspectors in Utah are not required to be State Licensed or Regulated. Anyone can start a home inspection business in Utah without any specific inspection training or qualifications. (Most States Require Licensed Inspector to inspect properties.)​​

  • A Building Inspector is required by the State of Utah to be Licensed and Regulated. In order to meet the license requirements they must follow strict guidelines which includes being tested by the International Code Council (ICC). This takes experience and a great knowledge in the building industry. Additional training and testing as well as yearly continuing education is also required to stay at the top of the industry.


  • Real Estate Brokers/Agents, Appraisers, Insurance Brokers/Agents and Underwriters are all required to be State Licensed and Regulated by the State of Utah. Would it not make sense then to choose a State Licensed and Regulated Inspector inspecting your home or commercial building?

Having a inspector with the right qualifications is imperative... an inaccurate or incomplete report can cost you tens of thousands which can make your investment a costly one. when a Major Structural, Plumbing, Electrical, or HVAC repair is made on a home or commercial building, the state requires it to be inspected by a State Licensed Building Inspector.

again would it not make sense then to have a state licensed and regulated building inspector inspecting your home or commercial property?

inspector qualifications:

State Of Utah Combination Inspector License #6769853-5601

ICC Combination Inspector #5303885-C8

ICC Residential Inspector #5303885

Residential Building Inspector -B1

Residential Mechanical Inspector -M1

Residential Plumbing Inspector -P1

Residential Electrical Inspector -E1

ICC Commercial Inspector #5303385

Commercial Building Inspector -B2

Commercial Mechanical Inspector -M2

Commercial Plumbing Inspector -P2

Commercial Electrical Inspector -E2

our experience includes the following:

Over 25 years in the Construction Industry

Licensed HVAC Contractor

Office of the State Fire Marshall Fire Alarm Technician #AAE284

Office of the State Fire Marshall Sprinkler Technician #73391

Office of the State Fire Marshall Suppression Service License #EE73391

Office of the State Fire Marshall Extinguisher Service License #73391

Commercial Building Maintenance Supervisor (Washington County)

Member of the Salt Lake Board of Realtors - Affiliate 

We also specialize in Meth, mold and radon

​Evening Appointments Available

Lee llewellyn - state licensed combination building inspector and owner of combination inspection service, LLC. 

I am a state licensed combination inspector and owner of combination inspection service, llc.  After 22 years of serving Washington County in Southern Utah, my wife and I made the decision to relocate back to Salt Lake to be near family and friends. We are excited to be back and look forward to bringing our experience and expertise to the Salt Lake Valley and Surrounding Areas.  

State Licensed Inspection Company that brings expertise and experienced Home Inspections in Salt Lake City and Surrounding Areas.

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​​​​never compromise... make sure they're state licensed!!!

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